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Shinhao Materials LLC is located in Suzhou China. Its mission is to invent new materials that meet the ever changing needs of the semiconductor industry, while servicing its customers in most timely and cost effective way.  Being technology heavy, asset light, it is one of the small companies that show promise to become one of the most innovative materials companies in the worldwide semiconductor industry. Through its short life, it has developed a unique class of electroplating additives that enable purer, stronger copper deposits without sacrificing yield and cost. Its inventions have been granted multiple US, Taiwanese and Chinese patents.

Furthermore, its electroplating copper additives show equal/better performances when compared against those from market leader(s) in mechanical and thermal stability as well as process flexibility for copper pillar, RDL, micro- and mega-bumps in FOWLP, FOPLP as well as 3DIC. Shinhao products can be used as “drop-ins” replacements of current PORs on major tool platforms. The company is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified (2015 edition).

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